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In this gripping narrative, an Iranian newsreader based in London unwittingly falls prey to mobile malware. Without his knowledge, the nefarious software snaps compromising photos during his private moments. As these images inadvertently come to light, a maelstrom of complications unfolds.

Director, Writer: Nima Akbarpour
Cinematography: Reza Afshar
Edit: Yousef Salehizadeh
Cast: Reza Zohreh Kermani, Ania Assadi-Sabet,  Maral Mohammadi, Bardia Jalali, Salar Khosrojerdi, Reyhaneh Rezazadeh


Watch on Prime Video

We are happy to announce “I’m Not My Body” is available on Prime Video in...
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Courage Film Festival

We’re delighted to announce that “I’m Not My Body” has been recognised with the title...
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The Best Short Film Award in 18th Third Eye Asian Film Festival

Humbled and delighted to announce I’m Not My Body has won the Best Short Film…
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4th Indian World Film Festival

Our short film "I'm not my body" has been selected for the 4th Indian World...
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UK Film Review On ‘IMNMB’

“Shot like a documentary and based on actual events (although the film’s story is fictionalised),...
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Third Eye Asian Film Festival

Very honored that our short film 'I'm Not My Body' has been also selected for...
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The Best Actor Of DSIFF 2019

Receiving an award is always a moment of great pride and motivation, as it serves...
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Delhi Shorts International Film Festival

I'm thrilled to announce that my film "I'm Not My Body" has been chosen for...
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TIFF Screening

Don’t miss this one-off screening of “I’m Not My Body” in Tryon Internationa Film Festival.
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Tryon Film Festival

We are thrilled to share with you the exciting news that our short film has...
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Tunis Screening

Last week, our short film "I'm Not My Body" was screened at the prestigious annual...
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The Soundtrack

The musical composition by Mim Rasouli, which is the soundtrack for our latest project, has...
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My friend Arash has designed a brilliant poster that catches the eye. He used the...
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Sound Mixing

We have just completed the sound mixing stage and I am pleased to say that...
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Changing The Chronol

A few months ago, the editing for our project was completed by Nima. However, he...
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