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A Little Of Our Story

Out The Frame

Discover the art of storytelling with us. Our highly skilled team, boasting over 20 years of media and technology expertise, is dedicated to making television shows, documentaries, feature films, and advertisements that captivate audiences. Beyond our creative productions, we offer expert consultancy services for media and information technology products. Whether it's shaping engaging brand promotions, delving into the world of captivating documentaries, or venturing into creative territories beyond, we invite you to embark on the journey of crafting something truly extraordinary together.

Founder, CEO

Nima Akbarpour

Nima stands at the intersection of tech savvy and creative genius, rocking the worlds of broadcast media and film as a Presenter, Producer, and Actor.
With a tech degree in his back pocket, he navigates the digital landscape with ease, turning social media trends and idea strategies into his playground. Beyond the screen, Nima's the mentor startups didn’t know they needed, infusing their visions with a blend of innovation and grounded wisdom.
For 15 years, Nima was the driving force behind the first Persian technology show on BBC, making tech approachable and engaging for viewers. But here’s the twist: Nima isn’t just playing the game; he is the game. In a world where technology meets storytelling, Nima is crafting the future, project by project. Meet Nima, where cool is just the starting point, and creativity knows no limits.

Media Production Manager, Producer

Meysam Arshadi

Meet Meysam, a key creative force behind the lens with a two-decade journey in media and TV production. From the ink of print to the pixels of digital, Meysam collaborates with a talented team, spinning narratives that captivate.
With over 3000 minutes of documentary brilliance, spanning politics, history, education, culture, human rights, society, and tech, Meysam is not just a storyteller; he's a strategic mind, seamlessly blending tech trends into the narrative tapestry.
Juggling academic prowess with journalistic finesse, Meysam wears many hats—researcher, fact-checker, scriptwriter, audio-video sorcerer, lighting guru, graphic virtuoso, and a versatile full-stack developer and data analyst