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Personal vs. Company Social Media: A Guide for Founders

In today’s digital world, how new businesses use social media is very important. This can help them get more investment and attention from big media outlets.

I believe that it’s not just about choosing between using the business’s social media or the owner’s personal account. It’s about using both in a smart way.

The owner’s personal social media is where they can share their own story. This includes talking about how they started their business, the ups and downs, and their personal thoughts. This makes people feel closer to the brand and shows the human side of the business. The owner can become an important voice in their field by sharing their thoughts and advice on different topics. This can attract investors and the media.

Using personal social media is also great for making connections. Owners can talk to other business people, experts, and potential investors. This helps more people know about their start-up.

Now, looking at the business’s social media, this is where the focus is on building a strong brand. This includes sharing news about the business, what it does, and its successes. It’s important to make content that is not only about selling but also helps and interests the audience. Sharing stories from customers or their reviews can make the brand more trustworthy.

It’s also useful to use the business’s social media for sharing news and working with other brands or influencers. This can make more people know about the start-up.

However, the best approach is to use both the owner’s personal and the business’s social media together. Sharing content from the personal account to the business account (and vice versa) can help reach more people. While the main message stays the same, changing the content a bit for each audience can make it more effective.

It’s also important to talk and engage with people who follow both accounts. This can turn people who just watch into active supporters of the brand.

In summary, for new businesses today, it’s essential to use both the owner’s personal social media and the business’s social media. The personal account is great for sharing stories and becoming a leader in the field, while the business account helps build the brand and connect with the audience. Together, they can help a start-up get noticed, attract more investment, and gain media attention. This strategy is not just recommended; it’s very important for success.

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