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Flash Forward

Stepping Into the Light with “Flash-Forward”

I’ve been on this incredible journey making “Flash Forward,” and wow, what a ride it’s been. This isn’t just any film; it’s a deep dive into the intricate relationship between a poet and a police officer. But more than that, it’s about blurring the lines between reality and imagination, a theme that’s always fascinated me.

But “Flash Forward” is more than a story about two people. It’s a reflection on cinema itself, on how it intersects with life, weaving in and out of the tangible and the imagined. Making this film has been a journey of discovery, of peeling back the layers to reveal the essence of storytelling.

This project has been a labour of love, a quest to understand the elusive boundary where cinema meets life, where dreams bleed into reality. It’s been both challenging and exhilarating to navigate this terrain, to bring to life a narrative that I hope will resonate with you on many levels.