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Flash ForwardThe Silence of the Sea

Screening ‘Flash Forward’ and ‘The Silence of the Sea’

Yesterday marked a milestone for us, a day I had the privilege of sharing with an intimate circle of friends and the talented crews behind two remarkable films, “Flash Forward” and “Silence of the Sea.” The venue was Close-Up Cinema in London, a place that felt just right for unveiling our latest endeavours.

The screening was more than just an opportunity to showcase our work; it was a celebration of art, of dedication, and of the incredible journey that filmmaking is. As the lights dimmed and the first frames flickered to life on the screen, I couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of gratitude – for the journey, for the people I’ve had the fortune to work with, and for the stories we’ve been able to tell.

I look forward to seeing where these films will go from here, the conversations they will start, the emotions they will evoke, and the impact they will have. But for now, I’m just grateful for yesterday, for the opportunity to share our work with a room full of friends and colleagues, and for the reminder of why we do what we do.

To everyone who joined us, thank you. Your support means the world. And to those who have followed our journey from afar, stay tuned – there’s much more to come.