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A Torchbearer of Digital Freedom

In a world where access to information is both power and privilege, ‘Toosheh‘ emerges as a ground-breaking bridge for those in the shadows of internet censorship. This satellite file-casting technology seamlessly delivers digital content, side-stepping traditional internet constraints and offering a discreet lifeline to many, especially in regions like Iran where internet access is either restricted or entirely non-existent.

To truly capture the essence and impact of Toosheh, Nima Media is chuffed to unveil our latest video creations:

Toosheh for the Digital Era

Experience Toosheh’s story through two distinct lenses: a brief version tailored for the swift pace of social media…


… and an extended rendition that delves deeper into its transformative journey, spot on for web audiences.



Join us in exploring this digital revolution and fathom why Toosheh is not just a piece of tech, but a torchbearer in the digital realm.