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Persian Click

Global Tech Meets Persian Tales

Let’s cast a spotlight today on a television gem – ‘Persian Click’ on BBC Persian. Far from being a mere echo of its English counterpart, ‘Click’, this programme was meticulously crafted to resonate with Persian speakers the world over.

Distinctly unique, ‘Persian Click‘ seamlessly intertwined global technological developments with tales from our own backyard. It didn’t just report tech news; it celebrated Iranian technological forays and innovators, bringing narratives deeply rooted in our culture and ethos to the forefront.

While ‘Persian Click’ continues its influential run on BBC Persian, a significant chapter concluded with Nima Akbarpour bidding adieu after producing and presenting 666 memorable episodes. His journey with ‘Persian Click’ sowed the seeds for what would become Nima Media, a testament to the passion and vision behind those episodes.

Drawing inspiration from the legacy of ‘Persian Click’, we at Nima Media are driven to create content that echoes the same depth, understanding, and resonance. Here’s to the timeless charm of ‘Persian Click’ and to the myriad stories we’re yet to unfold in the vast media tapestry.